Bigg Boss 15: Is Tejasswi Prakash’s Boyfriend Out Of The Show Too? Actress Told The Truth; Read On!

Bigg Boss 15 is at its last stop. The finale of the show is going to happen very soon, due to which all the contestants are seen fighting with each other, but there are two people in this house, who work to make the atmosphere good and they are Karan Kundra and Tejasswi. are light. The love story of both of them remains very much discussed in the show. Both of them are seen fighting with each other, from talking lovingly to each other.

A few days back it was claimed that Tejasswi Prakash also has a boyfriend outside Bigg Boss and she is in a relationship with Karan Kundrra just because of the game. However, later these reports were also said to be wrong and now due to these reports there has been a ruckus in the house, after which Tejasswi Prakash has given his clarification on all these rumors’. Not only this, Tejasswi has also talked to Karan Kundrra about this.

Actually, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra are often seen getting close in the house and for this reason Rakhi Sawant explains to Tejasswi but Tejasswi reverses Prateek and takes the name of Devoleena because she is also often seen hugging.

On this matter of Tejasswi, Devoleena says that we have also heard that you have a boyfriend outside the house too. Tejasswi is shocked at this thing of Devoleena. After this Tejasswi Prakash takes Devoleena to the garden area and then she asks about these reports. Tejasswi asks who told you all this? To this Devoleena says, “It is outside on social media.” On Devoleena’s talk, Tejashwi says, “Has he come out?” Then Devoleena says in response, “I don’t know.”

On this, Devoleena also says that there is no harm in this and I am not judging you. To this Tejasswi says, ‘Why would anyone judge me? But now that the matter has arisen, then I have to clear it. I am hurt because you did not tell me this as soon as you came home. I don’t want to give too much attention to this. Whatever I am doing, I know it is absolutely right.


Tejasswi and Karan Kundrra also talk about this issue as Rakhi Sawant tells Karan Kundrra that Tejasswi Prakash has a boyfriend outside the house as well. Karan Kundrra asks Tejashwi, ‘Is Devoleena talking only about that boy? Which we talked about.’ To this Tejasswi says, “I don’t know what they are talking about. What I told you about was a very bad relationship and I don’t even want to talk about that.” After this, Karan again questions, “You have told me about that.” After this conversation, both end the issue.


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