Bigg Boss 16: The Most Awaited List Of Top 5 Finalists Has Been Revealed! Checkout Here!

The most trending season 16 of the reality show Bigg Boss has almost completed its three months and is receiving a positive feedback. Due to its high TRP, makers have extended the season further. The show has almost reached its middle phase, and after analyzing the popularity and performance, list of top contestants has already been trending. Checkout these popular contestants, that are highly suspected to be in top five!

1. Archana Gautam

Meerut Election candidate ‘Archana Gautam’ is playing a very significant role in raising show’s TRP. She has presented herself as a very strong and entertaining contestant of the season. With her strong points and expressive nature, Archana is highly speculated to be a winner or part of top 5. You may like her or you may not, but you can’t ignore her!

2. Priyanka Chahar

‘Udaariaan’ fame ‘Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary’ is rocking in season 16 with her strong points and bold attitude. According to the viral rumors, Priyanka is expected to win season 16 as she is also ‘colors’ lead face and playing the game well. As per the social media comments, Priyanka is receiving a lot of love and public support. Fans are appreciating her unfiltered nature, and she is looking unstoppable!

3. Shalin Bhanot

Whether its ‘Chicken Issue’ or Shalin’s ‘Fake Love Triangle’ , audience are loving it all. With his on show ‘Funny Acting Skills’ Shalin has emerged as one of the most entertaining contestant of the season. Audience know that whatever Shalin does is for the cameras and people are genuinely liking his unique and interesting acts of ‘fake love’. Shalin has well-managed to present his strong personality on the show, and people are already expecting him to be in top 3.

4. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

Nimrit is highly expected to be in finalists, as since day 1 she is being supported personally by the makers. Since her day 1, she has been personal favourite of Bigg Boss, and received lots of favors. Since ‘Choti Sardaarni’ fame Nimrit is already the lead face of colors channel, she’s highly speculated to be a finalist.

5. Shiv Thakre

Bigg Boss ‘Maratha’ winner ‘Shiv Thakre’ has become everyone’s favorite with his genuine nature. He has emerged as a heartthrob and is receiving a lot of love and support from audience. This Marathi mulga is loved by all, and is also speculated to win the season with flying colors!

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