Bigg Boss 16: What Is Soundarya Sharma’s New Love Trap?

Soundarya Sharma is playing the game with a positive attitude and is getting appreciated for her friendship with Archana Gautam. In the recent weekend ka vaar episode, Soundarya’s love interest ‘Gautam Vig’ got evicted from the show. Since Soundarya was emotionally independent on Gautam, it would be very exciting for viewers to see Soundarya playing a solo game.

At the beginning of the show, it was observed that Shalin Bhanot and Soundarya shared a good and cosy bond. But later, when Soundarya developed feelings for Gautam Vig, things became different. In the first week, Shalin looked interested in Soundarya Sharma and never missed a chance in getting close to her. An incident took place in which Shalin kissed Soundarya on the cheeks, to make Gautam jealous. When things didn’t get well with Soundarya, Shalin confessed his feelings for Tina Dutta.

Now that Gautam is not a part of the show, Soundarya has planned a love trap against Shalin Bhanot, to prove that he is not in love with Tina. Soundarya and Archana had a conversation in which they were seen planning this fake love trap. The motive behind this plan was to divert Shalin towards Soundarya and prove on national television that whatever Shalin does is for cameras. If Shalin will not fall for Soundarya’s trap, it will prove that he is actually in love with Tina Dutta. The buzz around this planning is to see whether Shalin will get fooled or it will backfire Soundarya!

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