Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande Reveals Vicky Jain Disappeared For One Year; ‘Meri Wajah Se…’

Bigg Boss 17 is getting quite exciting with each passing episode. A lot of secret and shocking revelations are coming out about Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship. Ankita talking to the co-contestant discussed how Vicky and her relationship was in the past.

Image credit: Anikta Lokhande/ Instagram

Ankita reveals Vicky Jain disappeared for a year

After a massive fight, Ankita Lokhande went to Vicky Jain to pacify him and make up for the fight. The couple mended their differences. Khanzaadi was also present there. The rapper asked Ankita and Vicky and the phase where Vicky disappeared. Ankita said, “Ha ek saal tak gayab hogaya tha ladka. (He disappeared for a year).” Ankita further revealed that they were friends during that phase too and used to talk sometimes.

Image credit: Ankita Lokhande/ Instagram

After Khanzaadi asked the reason behind disappearing, Ankita said, “Jhagda hua tha, meri wajeh se hi. Phir isne mujhe maaf kar diya. (We fought but later he forgave me.)”

Ankita and Vicky Jain’s recent fight

Ankita Lokhande was miffed with Khanzaadi interfering when she was cooking. Irked by her, Ankita asked her to cook the food. Vicky Jain also preferred Khanzaadi to make food as she would make it with perfection. This hurt Ankita as she wanted to cook for Vicky. Vicky told her that he had not seen her cook in three years.

Ankita had cooked before when she was in a different room and always wanted to feed Vicky food prepared by her, however, she wasn’t allowed to share food back then. But now Ankita wished to cook for her husband.

The fight escalated and it led to Ankita getting teary-eyed over Vicky’s rude behavior.

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