BB16: BIGG BOSS Himself Entered The House Because Of This Reason; Housemates Couldn’t Recognise

What does even Bigg Boss do? In the 16th season, Bigg Boss is giving shocks one after the other. This is because Bigg Boss himself is playing this time. All this is fine, but no one would have thought that Bigg Boss himself would be seen inside his own house. If you don’t understand, then watch the promo for the upcoming episode. Where Vijay Vikram Singh, who became the voice of Bigg Boss, reached the house as a guest.

Whose entry is this in the show?

Yes! You got it right. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that the housemates will have to ignore the guest to get the ration. In this sequence, Vijay Vikram Singh, who became the voice of Bigg Boss, enters the house with a letter from Sumbul’s father. Fans are also getting surprised to see Bigg Boss in “Bigg Boss House.” This is the first time in the history of “Bgig Boss” that the voice-over artists of the show have entered the house. This twist of Bigg Boss is beyond the understanding of the audience. The funniest thing is that the voice heard in this promo is also that of Vijay Vikram Singh. Like every season, Vijay Vikram Singh is also narrating the 16th season. His voice can also be heard in many promos.

Who is Vijay Vikram Singh?

Talking about Vijay Vikram Singh, he is a well-known voice-over artist. He started his voice-over career in 2009. In 2010, Vijay got an email from the makers of Bigg Boss. He was selected after the audition and became the voice of the nation’s biggest reality show, “Bigg Boss.” After joining “Bigg Boss,” his career has only progressed. Today, Vijay is earning crores because of his voice. Vijay has narrated almost 13 seasons of “Bigg Boss.” Vijay is also active in the acting field. He has worked on web series like Family Man Season 2, Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story, and 777 Charlie.

Who is the real voice of Bigg Boss?

Vijay Vikram Singh is not the only voice of “Bigg Boss.” In fact, he is accompanied by Atul Kapoor, the original voice and introducer of the show. His heavy voice is quite popular. You must have heard “Big Boss Chahte Hain…” many times inside the show, which is the voice of Atul Kapoor. Actually, since 2006, when “Big Boss” started, Atul Kapoor has been associated with it. Atul Kapoor’s voice has been heard in many commercials and films. It is known that both Atul and Vijay together leave no stone unturned to give sleepless nights to the contestants of “Bigg Boss.”

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