Bigg Boss OTT: Suyyash Rai, Kishwer Merchant Calls Out Host Karan Johar For Bashing Divya

On the Sunday Ka Vaar episode, we witnessed an argument between the Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar and contestant Divya Agarwal.

Divya had earlier said that she wanted to ‘nominate’ Karan for elimination. During the weekend episode, Karan brought this topic up and scolded Divya for the same. Divya said it was a joke. Karan then said that his status is that of a host and Divya is a contestant. So, if she cannot respect him, she should at least stop mentioning his name inside the house again and again. Karan also sternly said that this contestant and host demarcation should never get blurred. He added that she should not try to play Bigg Boss with him as he is not inside the house. Divya, in the heat of the moment, took a rude tone with the host and this made Karan angry. He yelled at her for taking the wrong ‘tone’ with him.

Now, Singer and actor Suyyash Rai, who was part of Bigg Boss 9, has reacted to the same. He has called Karan a ‘loser.’ The biasedness of host Karan Johar towards Shamita Shetty, who is also a contestant on this season, has irked the singer.

Taking to Instagram Stories to land his support for Divya, Suyyash shared a picture of his TV screen with Karan Johar in the frame. Alongside the picture, Suyyash wrote, “Dear Karan Johar, come let me burst your bubble. You aren’t Salman Khan. Try talking sense.” Tagging Karan in another post, Suyyash added, “Never knew KJo is such a loser. Dear KJo, you fkin check your tone next time then expect others to speak with you nicely. And you better not point that finger of yours at Divya. Do all this with your Shamita (Shetty).”

He even advised Karan to continue with making films only. He wrote, “Filmein banao, wahin tak theek hai (Stick to making movies).”

Suyyash, who was watching the episode, also did not like how Zeeshan Khan was roasted by Karan Johar. He wrote, “I’ve felt so, so bad for Zee in today’s episode. Poor chap, he didn’t do anything wrong, literally anything !!!! And the way he was treated today. I am sorry but no one has gone there to take s**t from him (Karan Johar)… There is a way of tackling the situations, sirf host banna (only becoming the host) is not the game you gotta do justice to your post.”

Karan had grilled Zeeshan for making a comment that ‘reeks of misogyny’. Zeeshan had said, “Ladki ho toh daayre mein raho (You are a girl, stay in your limits).” Zeeshan was explained the same. He said that his comment was being misinterpreted.

Not just Suyyash, his wife and actress Kishwer Merchant also felt that host Karan was a bit biased and did not let anyone speak up, except for his ‘favorite’ Shamita.

In her tweet, she wrote, “Karan Johar asking questions but at least wait and let the participant explain why he said what ridiculous!!” In another tweet, Kishwer wrote, “Only Shamita is allowed to speak Please keep quiet guys.”

Towards the end of the episode, we saw double elimination of connection Karan Nath and Ridhima Pandit. Karan Johar will be hosting the show for only six weeks. After that, the show will shift to Colors TV and Salman Khan will be back to his hosting duty.

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