Blue Light Protection Skincare

Yashshree Kasare

Blue light protection skincare treatment is used to treat a specific condition on the surface of the skin or under it by using light. It is a completely painless procedure.

Blue light therapy uses a combination of light-sensitive drugs and blue or violet light to proceed with the treatment. This procedure can be only used where light can be reached which mainly involves on the skin or underneath it.

Purpose and uses of blue light therapy

Sun Damage and Cancer Treatment

Blue light therapy is used to treat severe sun damage and also skin cancer growth. This treatment uses the photosynthesizing drug to react with oxygen and kill the cancer cells.

After the drug is absorbed by the skin for an hour or two, the dermatologist will shine the blue light on your skin for 15 minutes. The light will kill the cancerous cells activated by the photosynthesizing drug. After the treatment, it leaves your skin healthy and younger-looking.

Acne Treatment and Discoloration

Blue Light Therapy can also be used to treat acne and discolouration, as it penetrates pores and hair follicles to bring a cure for skin problems. 

It kills the bacteria around the sebaceous gland which produces oil and also makes sure that the gland produces much less oil.

The light kills the DNA in the acne and also the bacteria and its inflammation. It also makes sure that you don’t end up getting acne in future.

It can be done on all skin types and many people have found it effective and affordable.


Blue light therapy can also be a good treatment for people suffering from psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition where one develops scaly flaky patches on their skin.

Blue light therapy has shown great results for many people, has reduced skin inflammation and slowed down the production of skin cells.

The treatment doesn’t cure psoriasis completely, but helps in managing the skin condition and improves the quality of life.

Side Effects

One might notice the treated area to be red, tender, swollen or even blistered after the treatment. The skin might peel over, which is very much normal after the therapy. There is nothing to worry about as the skin would heal in 7-14 days.

As light-sensitive medication is used in the process, one might be very sensitive to light after the procedure. The person should avoid direct sunlight for a few days. Sunscreens won’t be helpful to tackle this situation as it only protects you from harmful UV rays and not photosensitive reactions.

Niacinamide 10% Face Serum is an effective solution for the side effects of blue light therapy. It will give you a clear complexion and help you get rid of all the scars, inflammation and blemishes caused by the treatment.

It has many more benefits too, such as it reduces hyperpigmentation, brightens your skin, treats mild to moderate acne, fights several signs of ageing, minimizes enlarged pores and is suitable for all skin types.

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