BOLLYWOOD: Kangana Ranaut Has A Message For Fans Who Want Her To Stay Quiet On Twitter: ‘Don’t Love Me Like A Hater’; Check It Out

Three years prior, sitting on Indian TV’s most well-known couch, between one of the entertainment world’s top producer and an entertainer with a cut highlight and a refined accent. At the point when Kangana Ranaut showed up close by Saif Ali Khan in Koffee with Karan, a show swarmed with insider jokes and catty jokes, and called its host Karan Johar the banner conveyor of nepotism, she mixed something in each and every individual who had made the journey from small town to huge urban areas, who had guilty to get talkative discussions together with their off-kilter accents and who had pushed at the entryways of advantage and got in just to discover they were still out.


Henceforth once again, Manikarnika actress taking to her social media account, she indeed chose to hammer the individuals who have been requesting her to stay calm. She wrote down a perfectly clear tweet and asked her fans who have been exhausted of her and requested that her dash up to her mouth, to just unfollow her.

She further referenced that if they don’t unfollow her notwithstanding being annoyed with her, at that point they are obsessed with her. Her Tweet read, “All the fans who continue checking my tweets the entire day and continue pronouncing they are exhausted/tired and request that I remain calm should Mute/unfollow or Block me if you don’t then you are clearly obsessed.”Continuing further she referenced it’s better that they got their way as opposed to cherishing her like a hater, “Don’t love me like a hater but if you don’t know any better then go for it, Love.”

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