‘Borahae’ Belongs To BTS’ V, Court Says Hybe Can’t Have It; Deets Inside!

Korean Intellectual Property Office rejected Hybe’s plea of trademarking the term ‘Borahae.’ The term was first coined by BTS’s Kim Tae Hyung aka V during a concert in 2016. Hybe filed to trademark the word but IPO rejected their claim.

The biggest boy band in South Korea, BTS is a Big Hit-owned group under Hybe Labels. The word ‘Borahae’ became iconic to all the BTS members and their fandom which is known as the BTS Army. Borahae translates to ‘I purple you’ which signifies ‘I’ll love you till the end of the time.’


Although it was not trademarked by V or BTS, the word is often recognized as his sincerity and creativity.  It is associated with V and BTS and their fans, BTS Army. There have been a few brands who tried using the word but had to face backlash from the fans.

Last June Hybe officially filed for a trademark of the word. But the Korean Intellectual Property Office denied the trademark on the ground. Even though it didn’t claim any copyright on the word, Hybe cannot make any claims for the same.

The fans gave a mixed reaction to the news. Some of them lashed at Hybe Labels for their step to trademark the word. They said that Hybe is trying to take the credit for V’s creation. Since it is directly linked to the relationship between BTS and BTS Army. Others supported them in ensuring the safety of the world. They had the opinion that it will be an assurance that the word will stay with BTS this way.

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