Britney Spears Shows Off Her Bare Back As She Poses Nude In Instagram Real: ‘Say Hello To My A**”

If there’s one thing to take away from Britney’ Spear’s freedom from a conservatorship, it would be that she is completely, unapologetically her. The pop icon continues to show off her body, with a clip of her completely nude backside as she splashes in ocean waters.

The video comes after Spears shared she had “serious nerve damage” that pained the right side of her body.

Britney: Hello to My Ass

Britney Spears was feisty this week, taking to Instagram with a very special message to her fans and 42 million followers: “Hello to my a– !!!” She is all smiles as she is seen wearing aviator sunglasses and a necklace as we catch someone’s shadow, filming it all on a smartphone.

However, this caption is edited. The original caption read “Say hello to my ASS !!! Raised my ass a little higher so I have more booty !!  Thinking of getting injections on my ass to make it fuller like that.”

The clip is very short, and Spears playfully is lying on her belly in the shallow ocean and shimmying her shoulders. Immediately, you can tell she’s completely nude, but as she shows a brief side profile, she lifts her foot and butt into the air, for those who missed it. Spears’ post has been up for over 15 hours even though Instagram’s community guidelines state that content of “close-ups of fully nude buttocks” are not allowed. She has shut off the comments for the post.

Not her first time

The post comes a few days after Britney gushed on social media about her recent travels to Mexico. She said she drank expensive wine and filmed a dozen videos showing off some of her new dresses, in addition to swimming naked in the ocean.

In the photos, she uses emojis of flowers to censor her private parts. “I finally told someone to their face for the first time ‘f— you’!!!” she added at the time. “I took night drives that pissed me off because I wasn’t at the wheel!!!”