BTS: RM Hints That He Might Be An “Eternal Hopeless Romantic,” Guy, ARMYs Comfort Him.

BTS is famous for maintaining strict privacy in its personal affairs. BTS’s leader RM, aka Kim Namjoon, has revealed that he views love in a more all-encompassing way rather than only as romantic love. He’ll be appearing in The Mysterious Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge soon. He will be one of the hosts for the show that airs on South Korea’s MC TVN channel. Kim Namjoon, better known as RM, was spotted in a conversation saying that when he thinks of love, there’s dislike and jealousy. there are so many emotions under the umbrella of “love.”

One person tells him that, “if you know your partner perfectly, you don’t get butterflies anymore.” RM says while sporting a gloomy expression. BTS ARMY has resorted to Twitter to inform him that it is not like that after seeing the clip. His eternal romanticism and hopelessness are topics of conversation, among others.

Look at the tweets for further information-

He did admit that he had a girlfriend in his young days when he was in school. However, the relationship ended quite quickly. He said that she had a large group of male buddies and that, given his position and the circumstances surrounding it at the time, some of her activities were “unacceptable” to him. He claimed that they were fighting too much and that it would be best to part ways amicably. Fans describe RM as the ideal Asian son-in-law.

We’re all curious to know who will be that lucky woman finally making RM, aka Kim Namjoon, feel those all-unending butterflies.

Meanwhile, BTS’ Kim Namjoon teases his upcoming solo debut ‘Indigo‘, which will be out on December 2, and fans can not keep their calm. He posted the teaser look of his album, writing, “Use it while taking a walk, a shower, drive, coffee-break, work, dance, read a book when flowers bloom or fall. The last archive of my twenties.”