‘Can’t Wait To…’: Shivangi Joshi Gets Discharged From Hospital After Undergoing Surgery For Kidney Infection

Recently, television actress Shivangi Joshi revealed to her fans that she was diagnosed with a kidney infection. She was hospitalized and now she got discharged post her surgery for kidney infection.

Shivangi Joshi Gets Discharged From Hospital

It was recently, the Yeh Rishta Kehlata Hai actress shared on her Instagram handle that she was diagnosed with a kidney infection.

On Tuesday, she went live on Instagram where she shared her health update. Shivangi revealed that she had to undergo surgery after her diagnosis and was discharged from hospital on Saturday.

Shivangi also said that she is feeling better now and at home taking rest. She also thanked everyone for their well wishes and the doctor’s assistance. The actress also said that she had to go through a few more tests before her doctor would stop her glucose drip.

Joshi also informed her fans that she has a nurse to look after her medicines, drip and everything at home and the nurse will be with her untill she is is fully recovered.

Shivangi told ETimes, that she can’t wait to go back to work. The diva said that as soon as the drip gets removed she will rush to work as she is missing the shoot and the vibe.

Shivangi Joshi Urges Fans To Stay Hydrated And Healthy

The 24-year-old also asked her fans to stay hydrated. She said that many fans asked her why she was drinking coconut water and water. She clarified that she had a kidney infection and not a kidney failure. She urged everyone to stay hydrated and have an ample amount of water.

She added that she has realised about it when her condition worsened due to her negligence of not staying hydrated. She has now made it a point to take care of herself and, drink more water and stay healthy..

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