Catching A Bus Or Venturing Into Hollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan Says She Has No Plans In Doing Either

The Buckingham Murders, which garnered rave reviews when it premiered at the BFI London Film Festival, is gearing up for a nationwide release. Kareena Kapoor Khan is receiving accolades for her portrayal of Jasmeet Bhamra, a British detective of Indian origin. 

The thriller movie shows Jasmeet tackling a challenging case of a 10-year-old’s murder after losing her child recently. The upcoming film is generating a lot of buzz among fans and industry, including the talk that Kareena will join her contemporaries foraying into Hollywood.

Kareena Says She Is Not Taking a Bus to Hollywood

The Buckingham Murders is 80% in English and only 20% in Hindi. In addition to this fact, the making and output of the film are similar to HBO’s Mare of Easttown. Naturally, speculations arose that the HBO production inspired this crime drama. 

Kareena Kapoor in The Buckingham Murders
The Buckingham Murders

Hence, in a recent interview, Kareena was asked if she saw The Buckingham Murders as a way to bring India and Hollywood closer. So, to clear the air, Kareena answered that she is not trying to bridge any gaps, but rather, it is just her passion as an actor that led her to such an intense role. In her words, she does not want to go to Hollywood “bus pakad ke.”

Reinvention Is the Game for Kareena

Kareena Kapoor, a versatile actor who can fit seamlessly into any role she takes on, tries to reinvent herself. Instead of getting pigeonholed, she had always experimented. Right from her debut film Refugee, she had chosen unconventional roles and scripts, most of which paid off immensely.

Kareena Kapoor reinvents herself
Kareena Kapoor Khan believes in reinventing herself

Jaane Jaan marked her entry into the digital streaming services and OTT viewers are thrilled to the core. It was trending on Netflix for weeks. So, when she heard the narration of The Buckingham Murders, she instantly said yes as the character was not like anything she played before. 

Kareena the Icon Also Has Jitters

Believe it or not, Kareena admits to being nervous about etching the complex character of Jasmeet Bhamra. Not only this, but she also reveals that she doesn’t watch any of her movies. She feels awkward and tense seeing herself on screen.

Kareena Kapoor feels nervous to watch her films
Kareena Kapoor says she feels nervous while watching her films

She has a tendency to judge her work, and it won’t do anyone any good after the shoot is done and the film is released. However, she is in a very calm space currently. Hearing this revelation on the Koffee with Karan couch, Alia Bhatt was shocked by how confident Kareena is now.

Bottom Line: Kareena Will Keep Gracing Indian Screens

By her own admission, Bebo is not leaving us yet. And she is teasing us with her podcast show Marvel Wastelanders: Black Widow.