Celebrating Women Empowerment: Mayuri Mittal’s Bold Beauty Gala at Delhi Times Fashion Week 2024

Mayuri Mittal, founder and CEO of Miss & Mrs. Red Carpet Crown of India, recently showcased her stunning “Bold Beauty Gala” collection at Delhi Times Fashion Week 2024. This event celebrated women empowerment and equality, highlighting Mittal’s commitment to these values.

The Bold Beauty Gala collection is unique and creative, transforming old sarees and dresses into breathtaking new designs. This sustainable approach saves resources and symbolizes resilience and innovation. Mittal’s collection is a testament to her boldness and creative spirit, showing that fashion can be both beautiful and eco-friendly.

As a designer, entrepreneur, journalist, artist, and social activist, Mittal champions women empowerment and equality by providing opportunities for all women to participate as models, regardless of facial or body differences. This commitment was evident when she introduced acid attack survivor Reshma Khatun and vitiligo warriors Anjali and Varsha to the runway, challenging conventional beauty standards. Her collection featured models of diverse backgrounds, including plus-size, aged, and dark-skinned women, redefining beauty norms.


Mittal’s journey is a beacon of empowerment. Rising from financial hardship, she turned away from ready-made clothes, creating her own path and presenting a collection that symbolizes imagination, style, sustainability, and empowerment. She believes in promoting women’s self-worth, their ability to make choices, and their right to influence social change.

Mayuri Mittal’s words resonate with her mission: “Strong women lift each other up. Even a single positive action lifting another woman up creates a ripple effect that carries on far beyond the original act.” Her Bold Beauty Gala collection and advocacy for gender equality remind us that women’s empowerment is crucial for a peaceful, prosperous world. By standing together and investing in women, we can create a more equitable future for all.

“Despite progress, women and girls continue to face discrimination and violence. Women can lift each other up. Standing with and investing in women is an important start. From workplaces and schools to homes and communities, women can drive social change,” says Mittal.

She believes that “strong women lift each other up, and even a single positive action lifting another woman up creates a ripple effect that carries on far beyond the original act. When you lift another woman up, you inspire others around you to do the same.”

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