Charu-Rajeev’s Daughter Is Battling This Serious Illness, The Actress Is Taking Care Alone!

Sushmita Sen and her entire family make headlines these days. Sometimes about the relationship of the actress and Lalita Modi, sometimes about the divorce of Rajiv Sen and Charu Asopa. In addition to Sushimita’s fans, the breakup of his older brother also draws attention. Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have recently made various accusations that have caused them to “talk” to each other. Now, amid this struggle, Charu started talking about his daughter Zianna. Charu surprised everyone by revealing in the video that her daughter is seriously ill.

A daughter suffering from illness, TV actress Charu Asopa, who is going through hard times in her life, recently shared a video on her YouTube channel. In this video, she informs her fans that her daughter Gianna has a hand disease, foot-and-mouth disease, called HFMD. This is a viral disease in children. Charu is very emotional when she talks about her daughter’s illness. Yana cannot eat anything and her condition is so bad that she always has to be with her during this time. This time She is taking care of her daughter alone.

She shares the video on her YouTube channel and can neither eat nor drink. The actress said: “Giana suffers from a hand disease, foot-and-mouth disease. I don’t want my daughter to feel alone at this moment, so I live with her every moment like a shadow. There are blisters on her face, legs, arms and her neck. I can’t even tell you how it feels to suffer from this phase.


Watch video;

In the video, Charu says that she took Ziana to the hospital after 2:30 pm, along with information about her daughter’s condition. Even though I was alone, I plucked up the courage to take care of my daughter. But when I took Ziana to the hospital, I was so scared that I started crying. But I want to tell everyone that you need to be able to cope with life’s difficulties with patience and a sober mind.

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