Check Out 5 Diet Tips To Maintain Healthy Skin During A Change In Weather!

We are more susceptible to allergies during the change from summer to winter. All you have to do to welcome the new season with a healthy physique and skin is to watch your food. While our hearts enjoy the cooler weather after a long hot and humid season, our bodies may not be ready. We are more susceptible to allergies and common diseases during the shift from summer to winter.

We entirely forget about our skin suffering the brunt of the seasonal shifts when we are too busy protecting or dealing with that nagging cold or painful cough. There is no better approach to restoring your skin’s health than through food. Rather than slathering your body with conventional lotions and ointments, strengthen it from within with these dietary suggestions.

Do you notice your skin becomes drier and paler when the weather changes? It’s time to pay attention to your skin and give it the attention it deserves.

5 Skin Care Diet Tips for Changes in Weather:

Consume water and Fluids.

Drinking enough water is the best approach to hydrating your skin and restoring its moisture. It is advised that you should drink two litres of water per day. To increase fluid intake, add some hydrating drinks like lemon water and fruit juices.

Consume Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Foods high in vitamin C contain antioxidants that boost immunity and remove pollutants from the body. All of this reflects on your skin. So take the orange from the fridge and juice it or eat it as is.

Go Green.

Eat Green as the winter season approaches, the markets are swamped with green leafy vegetables. Spinach, kale, mustard leaves, and fenugreek leaves are all high in skin-nourishing vitamin K. They also have anti-inflammatory effects, which aid in the management of skin redness and flakiness.

Be a Nut for Nuts

Nuts and dried fruits are high in beneficial fats, which give the skin a glow and make it appear healthy and nourished. So, have a couple of them on hand at all times to protect your skin from the strong winter winds ahead.

Incorporate Beetroot Into Your Diet

Beetroot provides vitamins and minerals that help purify your skin by eliminating dead skin cells and making it soft and silky.

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