“Cocoon” For The Babies: What Is It And How To Choose?

A lot of future parents begin to think about devices for a newborn long before the baby sees this world. So, this is right, because there is time to understand all aspects of choose among the wide variety of products for kids. After priority purchases, like a crib and a stroller, moms and dads start looking for devices that will simplify the care for the baby and will contribute to his development. One of such things is a portable cradle or cocoon ergopouch Australia in which a newborn can spend the day and even the night.

What is a “cocoon for a newborn”?

It is a simple soft structure in the form of a nest. This device is intended, as a rule, for the youngest, and are used up to 6 months.

It can be used both at home and in the guests, and allows you to create optimal conditions for the baby anywhere. You won’t have to worry that the child will have nowhere to lie down, and the sofas needs to be equipped with orthopedic mattresses – one product solves a lot of problems.

In addition, the cocoons are creating taking into account all the needs of the baby. It supports the spine well, ensuring the correct formation of internal organs and joints. This is especially important in the first six months of a child’s life.

However, before you buy a cocoon, you need to pay attention to several important factors. This will allow you to choose the best option from dozens offered on the market. 

Types of the cocoon

Today, there are three most popular types of products, which are called “cocoon”. They have different shapes and purposes, but all are designed for the comfort of the child. Before choosing the right one, you should define the goals of the purchase.

  • Cocoon-nest

It is a thin mattress with a soft side around the perimeter. Such type is suitable for creating a safe space on a sofa or bed, and it is also often put in a baby cot. It has no orthopedic indicators, but it helps to protect the baby from an accidental fall when he starts to turn over.

  • The cocoon-carrier 

They are used for fast transportation of the child at home and as a liner in a stroller. This model is convenient for carrying a sleeping baby, so as not to disturb the baby’s rest.

  • Cocoon mattress 

This design is a massive anatomically shaped mattress with a safe orthopedic filling. They are often used as an alternative to cots for children in the daytime. These products are especially relevant for newborns who need the correct care of the spine for its proper formation. The cocoon has a raised shape and has no sides, it allows the child to explore the world around him, move his arms and legs. Such type is suitable until the child begins to actively turn over.

So, the device should be used for its intended purpose. Today, many manufacturers are expanding the functionality of models and one cocoon can be used as a carrier, as an additional place for daytime sleep, and as a limiter. It is very important to study individual indicators before buying and choose that better attitude to your goals.

Other important aspects of the choice

When choosing a cocoon for a newborn, it is necessary to pay attention to the accompanying characteristics. We have compiled a small checklist that will help you to choose the best option.

  • Size of the product 

Most models are made according to patented design and have an average size, however, sometimes an individual one is required. The size grid of cocoons consists of three variants: size S1, S2 and S3. Size S1 is the smallest, and it attitudes for kids weighing from 1200 to 2000 grams, and size S2 is designed for children weighing up to 3000 grams. The classic is size S3: such models create a comfortable environment for babies weighing from 3000 grams and up to 5-6 months. 

  • Filling the device 

In all variants, different fillings are used to create elastic sides, anatomical backrest and other elements. Pay attention that the filling would be hypoallergenic, and keeps its shape good. 

  • The fabric with which the cocoon is sheathed 

It is also important that the fabric used for finishing the device would be high-quality and meets the safety indicator. 

  • Waterproof cover

It is good if the device have a cover from the waterproof material. It is necessary to choose a model taking into account the peculiarities of the child’s development, therefore, it is worth considering that the cocoon will need to be washed from time to time.

Care rules

It is important for baby to feel comfortable and safe, so, it is worth adhering to the rules of cocoon care. Do not use flavorings, and wash the covers in time. With a responsible approach to the choice of the product and its operation, your baby and you will be happy.

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