‘Color Down Ho Gaya’: When Bigg Boss 11’s Arshi Khan Passed Comments On Hina Khan’s Complexion!

As Bigg Boss 17 gears up for its premiere, ardent fans eagerly await another season of drama, entertainment, and intrigue. The history of the show is laden with innumerable fights, love affairs, controversies, and unforgettable moments. Among the many seasons, Bigg Boss 11 stands out as one of the most successful and eventful editions.

The Star-Studded Season

Bigg Boss 11 featured a star-studded cast of celebrities, including the likes of Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma, Hina Khan, Akash Dadlani, and Arshi Khan, among others. This mix of personalities ensured a rollercoaster ride of emotions and kept viewers thoroughly entertained throughout the season.

Shilpa Shinde’s Triumph

The eleventh season culminated with Shilpa Shinde emerging as the winner, solidifying her status as one of the most beloved contestants in Bigg Boss history. Hina Khan, known for her strong presence, claimed the title of the first runner-up. The season was marked by intense rivalries and friendships, creating a dynamic atmosphere within the Bigg Boss house.

Arshi Khan’s Controversial Remark

Among the many controversies that unfolded during Bigg Boss 11, one incident that sparked considerable attention was Arshi Khan’s comment on Hina Khan’s complexion. As Hina was applying makeup, Arshi made a controversial statement, saying, “Color down hogaya hai. Kala pad gaya hai” (Your complexion has darkened). Hina confidently responded, asserting that she had always had a wheatish complexion.

A Clash Of Opinions

Arshi’s comment led to a heated exchange of words between her and Hina Khan. Akash Dadlani attempted to intervene, fearing repercussions from host Salman Khan and the audience, but Arshi rebuffed his interference. Interestingly, Shilpa Shinde sided with Arshi Khan during this conversation, adding another layer of complexity to the relationships in the house.

Post Bigg Boss Drama

The drama didn’t end with the season’s conclusion. Even after leaving the Bigg Boss house, the contestants remained in the limelight. Hina Khan’s return to the show as a guest for a special task stirred controversy. Bigg Boss announced that Hina had gained more popularity than the winner, which did not sit well with Shilpa Shinde, prompting her to express her thoughts on social media.

Arshi Khan’s Return To The Limelight

Arshi Khan made a comeback to Bigg Boss in season 15, this time as one of the challengers. Her presence injected fresh energy into the show, leading to new friendships, controversies, and captivating gameplay. Now, as per insider information, Arshi is reportedly in talks to participate in the upcoming season of “Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 11,” ensuring that her journey in the world of reality television continues.

Bigg Boss 11 remains etched in the memories of fans for its high drama, fierce rivalries, and unforgettable moments. As the show’s legacy continues with each new season, viewers eagerly anticipate the excitement and entertainment that Bigg Boss 17 is poised to bring to their screens.

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