Conman Sukesh’s Valentine’s Day Letter To Jacqueline Fernandez Finds Mention Of Certain ‘Gold Digger’: ‘Jackie Is Mine’

Jacqueline Fernandez was allegedly dating Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Now, she is being investigated by the ED in the Rs. 200 crore extortion case against the conman.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar is incarcerated at the moment. However, Jacqueline Fernandez filed charges against him earlier this month for allegedly intimidating and harassing her through various channels.

The actress was the subject of an investigation following the conman’s arrest in connection with an extortion case for Rs. 200 crore.

Yet, she is still receiving love letters from Sukesh while he is incarcerated, many of which are written to a certain “Botta Bomma.” On Valentine’s Day, Chandrashekhar signed a new letter that was just sent to the actress.

Conman Love letter

Expressing his Valentine’s Day wishes to Jacqueline Fernandez, excerpts from the love letter read, “I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. I once again, on this beautiful special day, affirm that I love you like crazy and that you are the cause of my heartbeat. Baby, I missed you so much. Starting from the first day of Valentine’s week, every second I have been thinking only about you. This is our second Valentine, being far away from each other, but it’s no longer going to be this way. This year is our year, which is going to break all the negativity and obstacles around us.”

Coerced to write a letter

Furthermore, the letter discussed Sukesh’s response to Jacqueline’s allegations against him, including his threat to reveal secrets in response. In addition to apologising for the same, the letter described how he was coerced into writing it by those in his immediate vicinity.

‘Gold Digger’

The letter also mentioned a specific “gold digger,” to which Sukesh replied that it was this individual who incited him against Jacqueline. He mentioned that a lot of people known to the couple were enjoying themselves between us. He especially highlighted the one, “Gold Digger.” He was enjoying himself and dancing away. Not just that, he even sent a message indirectly to Suresh. The gold digger instigated Sukesh against Jacqueline.

A Letter to Gold Digger

Sukesh also wrote a small piece of writing addressing the Gold Digger, as it read, “Dear Gold Digger, you and your associates before in time also tried creating rifts between me and Jackie, but went unsuccessful. Now, during this bad phase, once again, you tried, but this time it failed drastically for you guys. Anyway, I want to make one thing clear: as they say, blood is thicker than water. Love is stronger than the power of the universe. So be clear with one thing: Jackie is mine, and I am her’s forever,” he warned the haters.

In the same letter, he also opened up about Jacqueline’s performance during the Umang Festival and concluded with a promise of sending her a series of gifts over some time on Valentine’s Day.

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