Dad Writes Notes On How To Book An Uber, Netizens Share Similar Stories.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Within a matter of 2 decades, we went from using heavy mobile phones with antennas to very light smartphones that can do way more than just calls and messages. Right from calling to social media, chatting, and studying mobile phones are making us do everything that we want. This technology is handy for us by us I mean this generation because we are in touch with this technology on daily basis.

Old Man-Made Notes For Uber Booking

But our older generation is not in touch with these emerging technologies daily as these technologies are emerging these days and are new to everyone. So it became a challenge for all of us to learn these technologies and adapt to new changes but we know it becomes easy for a new generation to learn things faster. So one can imagine how tough it must be for the old generation to constantly adapt to this change and learn new things.

Rahul Gupta’s Post

Our parents want to adapt to these changes so that they fit in so well with these changes without facing the problems. Going with this chronology a new incident is running over the internet and making netizens sharing similar stories on social media. A guy named Rahul Gupta shared how his dad takes down notes to use online applications. He posted a picture of his father’s diary in which he has written the steps on how to use the Uber app.

People’s Reaction

Since this post is shared by Rahul Gupta on social media people online responded to the tweet by sharing similar experiences of their parents learning new-age technology. Turns out, many of them take down notes for apps like Skype, Google Meet, YouTube, etc.

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