Deepika Padukone Pushes Away Fan’s Camera After She Returns To Mumbai With Ranveer Singh

After their vacation, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are back in Mumbai. While they enjoyed their time away from the limelight, they weren’t kind to the cameras as soon as they returned.

What happened?

An Instagram paparazzo account shared a video of a fan of Deepika and Ranveer at the Mumbai airport. Deepika is seen wearing a baggy beige top with her five-month-old baby bump cleverly hidden, while Ranveer is dressed casually in all white, complete with a T-shirt, shorts, cap, and sunglasses. Deepika is also wearing dark sunglasses and has her hair tied back. (Read More: Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh Deny Marital Discord Amidst Instagram Photo Controversy)


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A fan attempted to get a picture of them as they were escorted by security and airport officials to the car. Deepika pushed the lens away as soon as she noticed it. Then she started walking again, Ranveer trailing close behind.

Internet reactions

Deepika’s gesture was not well received on the internet. An Instagram user commented, “She just smacked the phone out of a fan’s hand, such shameful and terrible behaviour from Deepika. These are the fans who support you and are excited to see you and this is what she does. Disappointed in Deepika.” Another wrote, “Trying to hide the pregnancy and being rude to paparazzi (eye roll emoji).”

Some users, though, leapt to the actor’s defence. One of them commented, “Why are you posting it when we see that she doesn’t want it to be photographed?” Another wrote, “Dp doesn’t seem happy to be papped! Respect her privacy!” “Kuch bhi (whatever) news. N leave her alone. During pregnancy, it’s her wish to get photographed or not,” read a third comment.

A user argued that Deepika gently pushed away the camera in a lighter vein. “Don’t worry guys she was just teasing him (teary-eyed laughter emoji),” they commented.

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