Dia Mirza Collaborates With Hollywood Star Edward Norton For A UNEP Documentary!

Dia Mirza, the UN Goodwill Ambassador for UNEP, has joined hands with Hollywood star Edward Norton for a documentary series called “Restore: Films From the Frontiers of Hope.”

The series, which highlights stories of environmental hope from 10 different locations around the globe, is part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Mirza has lent her voice to the documentary titled “Big Ocean States,” which tells the story of how countries such as St. Lucia, Comoros, and Vanuatu came together to fight severe environmental threats and protect marine life.

“It was an absolute honour to be a part of this global project and tell the story of St. Lucia, Comoros, and Vanuatu that are showing by example how marine ecosystems can be protected for the benefit of all stakeholders and the creation of a blue economy,” she said.

The series includes an episode on River Ganga, featuring the stories of farmers, wildlife advocates, and government experts who are teaming up to save the holy river.

Every Monday, UNEP releases a new episode featuring a new challenge overcome by people who want a better future for the next generation.

Mirza, who recently starred in the movie “Bheed,” believes that citizens and the younger generation need to work together to tackle climate crises. “What moved me most about this story is that the citizens took ownership of the dying mangroves and the dwindling marine life and came together to ensure that the future generation would have a sustainable, thriving environment,” she said.

Through “Restore: Films From the Frontiers of Hope,” Mirza hopes to amplify stories of positive impact on the environment crisis from around the world. It is an inspiring series that showcases how people can come together to protect the planet and build a better future for all.



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