Did Ayan Mukerji Have A Fallout With Karan Johar Over Brahmastra Franchise; Know Truth!

Ayan Mukerji’s announcement of Brahmastra Part 2 and 3 without mentioning Karan Johar and his production house has sparked rumors of a fallout.

The announcement of Brahmastra Part 2 and 3 by director Ayan Mukerji has created ripples in the industry, with rumors of a fallout between him and Dharma Productions. A well-placed industry source revealed that Karan Johar, who had invested a lot of time and money in the first part, was hurt by Ayan’s decision to announce the sequel without consulting him.

Approaching other productions

Furthermore, it is rumored that Ayan has retained the intellectual property rights of the franchise, and has started approaching other production houses for the next instalments. This has raised concerns about how Dharma Productions will recover their investment if Ayan takes the sequel to another producer.


Alia and Karan’s friendship

The fallout could also have an impact on the professional relationship between Karan and Alia Bhatt, who stars in the Brahmastra franchise. With Ayan’s decision to work with a different banner, the situation has become a sore point for Karan, who had treated the franchise and Ayan as his own.

It remains to be seen how this situation will pan out, but one thing is for sure – the industry is abuzz with speculation about what caused the fallout and what the future holds for Brahmastra.


While the exact reason for the fallout remains unknown, it is clear that Ayan’s decision to work on the next parts of the franchise without involving Karan has caused a rift between the two. Some industry experts speculate that creative differences could be at the root of the problem. Whatever the reason, it is a reminder that the film industry is a highly competitive and complex business, where relationships are often tested. It remains to be seen whether Ayan’s decision will pay off in the long run or whether it will backfire, but one thing is certain – the Brahmastra franchise is now at a crossroads, and its future is uncertain.






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