Diljit Dosanjh On Coachella Debut: ‘Wasn’t A Deserving Candidate’

Diljit made waves in 2023 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, marking a historic moment as the first Punjabi star to grace the renowned event. Despite his monumental achievement, Dosanjh’s humility shines through as he modestly reflects on his journey.

In a candid interview on The Ranveer Show, Dosanjh expressed his disbelief at being considered a deserving candidate for Coachella. He attributes his success not to his talent, but to what he perceives as divine intervention. Yet, he acknowledges the magnitude of the opportunity, recognizing its significance as an Indian artist breaking into the global music scene.

Diljit Dosanjh: The Punjabi Sensation

Diljit said: “Although I wasn’t a deserving candidate. I feel so. It was God’s will. I knew it (Coachella) was big and for the first time, someone from India was going to perform there. It was a huge deal,” said Diljit. He added that while it wasn’t his dream to perform at Coachella, it was certainly on his checklist.

“I feel like I’m not that great a musician, but I end up getting good opportunities. I haven’t learnt acting from anywhere, yet I’m working with Imtiaz Ali. I had never imagined I’d do a film with him. Maybe it happened because of Chamkila. He gave me that chance. Imtiaz Ali signing Diljit Dosanjh isn’t necessary. There are so many others whom he can hire,” Diljit added.

Throwback to Coachella

Clad in traditional all-black Punjabi attire, Dosanjh’s presence on stage was both captivating and culturally resonant. As he entered the stage, a wave of cheers greeted him, accompanied by bursts of fireworks. His performance, spanning nearly 45 minutes, showcased his hit tracks like “G.O.A.T.,” “Patiala Peg,” and “Lemonade,” energizing the crowd with his infectious beats.

Notably, Dosanjh’s performance caught the attention of American music producer and DJ Diplo, who was spotted dancing in the audience during “Patiala Peg.” This interaction between two distinct musical worlds underscores Dosanjh’s ability to bridge cultural boundaries through his music.

Dosanjh’s impact extends beyond the stage, as evidenced by the reactions of his fans. Social media erupted with messages of pride and admiration, with fans hailing the moment as a significant achievement for Punjabi culture on a global stage. For many, Dosanjh’s performance was more than just entertainment; it was a celebration of cultural identity and representation.

Upcoming Projects

Dosanjh’s upcoming projects, including roles in “Amar Singh Chamkila” and “No Entry 2”. With each endeavour, Dosanjh continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, all while remaining grounded in his roots.


As Dosanjh’s star continues to rise, his journey serves as an inspiration not only to aspiring artists but also to those who value cultural authenticity and pride. Through his music and presence, Dosanjh embodies the spirit of resilience and determination, proving that talent knows no bounds when fueled by passion and humility.

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