Dipika Kakar Shuts Down Pregnancy Speculations, Prefers Privacy Over Rumours!

There have been rumours about Dipika Kakar’s pregnancy for a while now, driven by new sightings and guesses. But people close to the star have said that these rumours are not true, stressing that she wants to keep her personal life private.

It has been said many times that Dipika Kakar is pregnant. The actor has always kept quiet about rumours that he is having a baby with his husband, also an actor, Shoaib Ibrahim. This time is no different. Since they had their first child in June of last year, fans are always excited about the couple’s possible baby.

About Pregnancy Rumours

Last week, she was seen by the paparazzi carrying Ruhaan, her first child. Her white suit was too big for her in the video. Another thing that made the rumours stronger was that the actress was hiding her stomach with the dupatta, which many people called her “baby bump.”

We have learned from several sources, though, that Kakar is not pregnant after all, despite what was said. “She’s not going to have a second child.” These kinds of ideas don’t exist. The person also said, “Jaise. She just put on weight after Ruhaan was born and will soon start working on getting back on track.” If you look closely at the video or picture, you can see that the angle is off. Second, there are rumours that she is pregnant. Recently, this has happened to a lot of stars.

Deepika’s Reaction On Rumours

It turns out that the star is not very happy about the rumours on social media. “She’s very mad and not at all ready to talk about it.” Dipika doesn’t even want to talk about or clear up the rumours; she just wants to leave them alone. “She wants to keep it private and not talk about it at all,” the source says.