Director Jeethu Joseph Addresses Plagiarism Claims Surrounding Mohanlal’s ‘Neru’

After a writer filed a writ petition against the makers of the Malayalam film “Neru” in the Kerala High Court, accusing them of plagiarism, director Jeethu Joseph asserted that the allegations were baseless. The film, starring Mohanlal and Priyamani, revolves around a legal battle and faces a legal hurdle a day before its release. Despite the writer’s attempt to stall the film’s release through a court petition, the court refused to intervene. Jeethu Joseph addressed the situation online, maintaining that the plagiarism accusations lacked merit.

The issue

Deepak Unni, a writer, accused Jeethu Joseph and co-writer Shanti Mayadevi of plagiarism in a petition filed at the Kerala High Court. Unni claimed that he had discussed the script of the film “Neru” with Jeethu and Shanti in 2021. According to Unni, he handed over the 49-page script to them under the impression that they sought legal advice to better understand the courtroom scene’s legal aspects. Unni alleged that he realized his story was plagiarized when the film’s trailer featured exact sequences from his script. Despite the court’s refusal to stay the film’s release, the matter was scheduled for further consideration.

Jeethu responds

On Wednesday evening, Jeethu Joseph released a statement on Facebook, asserting that he had made the film “Neru” with utmost honesty, similar to his other works. He addressed the controversy that emerged right before the film’s release—acknowledging someone claiming rights to the story and approaching the court. Jeethu urged the audience to watch the film and make their own judgment. Pointing out that the synopsis of the individual’s claim and the case files had been leaked online. He emphasized the importance of viewers deciding for themselves what is true or false.

About Neru

“Neru” narrates the tale of a blind sculptor striving for justice in the face of her trauma. Navigating the legal system in search of a resolution. Jeethu Joseph, known for the successful franchise “Drishyam” with Mohanlal, directed the film.

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