‘Disappointed’ Pakistani Fan’s Meme Has Found A Place In World’s First Meme Museum

Pakistan is a hub for producing several memes every year. One of the very popular memes that came from the neighboring country during ICC World Cup 2019 has achieved a notable feat. The meme is none other than the one showing a Pakistani fan’s disappointment over the country’s poor performance in a match with Australia.

Sarim Akhtar was the name of the guy who gave that natural reaction during the match. Later, he got viral and meme pages used his image in their memes to describe the feeling of disappointment. The man behind the meme-worthy expression, Sarim Akhtar recently shared a beautiful piece of information about the same and we’re sure that it will bring a smile to your face.

Sarim Akhtar has featured in World’s first meme museum. While breaking the happy news about him appearing in the Hong Kong Museum of Memes, Sarim wrote, “I got featured in Hong Kong Museum of memes, yoohoo.”

Sarim shared the news on August 1. The post, with over five lakh likes and tons of good words in the comment section, has received a great response from the social media audience. Many meme pages reposted Sarim’s post and congratulated him for the achievement. Several sarcastic pages have used the meme again to celebrate the success.

One Twitter user wrote, “You are like the Mona Lisa now. Ages hence kids are going to look at this meme and say this is a masterpiece.” Another wrote, “I think you should be an emoji.”

Besides this, another meme from Pakistan which has reappeared in news is the one called ‘Friendship ended with Mudasir.’ The meme has found itself a buyer in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). It has been auctioned off as a Non-Fungible for $51,530 (around Rs 38,273,13) by a Lahore and London-based startup Alter on an NFT marketplace. Alter will keep a minor portion of the earning while the larger portion will go to Rana, the original creator of the meme. NFTs are not interchangeable, however, they are still digital assets.

Back in 2015, the friendship breakup meme from Pakistan was the most viral meme across the subcontinent. It was originally a photoshopped graphic by a Gujranwala-based man Asif Raza Rana. Rana had announced his break-up with Mudasir Ismail Ahmad over alleged selfishness, pride, and the attitude shown by Ahmad. Not only did he announce his break-up with Ahmad, but Rana also declared that he has found a new best friend in Salman Ahmad Naqash. The image reads, “Now Salman is my best friend.” While Rana might be grievously hurt by his best friend, his rather public declaration provided some meme material to social media.