Effective Video Marketing Strategy You Should Know About Your Fashion Brand

The world of fashion is constantly changing, and one needs to engage with their customers to keep the business rolling. With video being a preferred mode of mass communication, many brands have now taken to the use of this medium to reach out to their potential customers.

Today, over a billion hours of content are watched on Youtube every day. While this is a welcome sign for fashion brands looking at video marketing, the fact is content is being generated at the same pace. Unless a brand creates content that stands out, it will simply get lost among the web of available content.

To avoid such a thing, you need to take proactive measures and have the video marketing strategy chalked out. Here are some tips that will help you prepare a video marketing strategy for your brand.

Understand Your Audience

The demographics of the target audience for a fashion brand are often diverse. Before creating a video, you need to have a clear understanding of who your audience is and what they expect of you. The age, interest, gender, etc. of each target group, will help you figure out the tone, design, and nature of the video that you need to prepare.

Decide on The Length

Before you get down to preparing the video, you must have a clear picture of how long you want it to be. Data suggests that a brand can expect about 10% engagement on a video that is shorter than 2 minutes. For a video that is about 5 minutes, the engagement goes up to 69%.

However, this does not mean that you should simply go about increasing the length of your video. For videos longer than 10 minutes, you may notice a significant drop in the engagement levels. That is why you must have the objective of the video, the nature of the product, and other details sorted before you figure out the length of the video.

Expand Your Social Media Reach

The fashion industry functions on the emotions of FOMO, and your idea should be to lure people into wanting what you have. One of the most efficient ways of evoking such emotions is via social media. If you can get your videos to become viral, you can set fashion trends.

People who follow your social media pages will then look up to you for what to wear or do. By giving them a follow back or replying to their posts and comments, you will be engaging with them and building a personal-level connection. This will make them relate to you, and they will be prone to choose you over the competition.

Custom Your Brand Identity

As a brand, you need to realize that there are thousands of fashion brands in the global market that are looking to capture the audience’s attention. With an uncountable number of videos being uploaded every minute, you need to make the extra effort and stand out. One of the first things in this regard is avoiding the use of free themes, tracks, and sounds.

Such free things make your video come off as cliché and cause the viewer to take you less seriously. If you can custom your music and sound, it lends an air of originality to the video. Explicit use of brand colors in the video, mention of brand tagline and logo all add to your online fashion personality.

Make the Most Of Social Media Stories

Today, most social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have the option of Stories. The stories are nothing but specific posts that are available for 24 hours. The advantage of stories is the fact that it creates an air of urgency among the audience.

The shorter life span ensures that people are curious about not losing out on them.  As a fashion brand, if you can introduce a new product or range in a story, it is likely to get better engagement than in a regular post.

The beauty of live videos is the fact they help establish a personal connection and mimic real-time conversations. Thus, if you have tips on the usage of your fashion products, their maintenance, or any other relevant topic, it is a good practice to go live on social media.

Leverage Live Videos

That way, if your viewers have any queries, they can ask the same in the session. You can address them by their name. Such proactive measures help them relate with you and will prompt them to spread the word among their peers.

Video in Landing Page & Promotional Emails

Most fashion brands use email broadcasts to connect with their regular customers. If you want your promotional emails to go beyond being left unread, then you should consider adding videos to them. Understand that merely having the word ‘video’ in the email subject line results in a significant increase in the click-through rate.

If most of your subscribers are Gmail users, you can have the YouTube link in the body of the email. That way, the recipient will watch the video from the body of the email itself. Also, having a promotional video on the landing page of your fashion brand is an effective way of generating leads for your business.

Collaborate with Influencers.

In the world of social media, influencers are people who have a good fan following. If you can collaborate with relevant influencers, you will be getting access to their fans without investing a lot of money. For fashion businesses with a tight marketing budget, this is an excellent opportunity to compete with larger brands. Understand that micro-influencers are also powerful people who can drive home the right traffic.  The key here is to identify the micro-influencers in your niche who have the maximum reach among your target audience.

You must realize that your brand needs to have its basic presence across all social media channels. Only when you are omnipresent, can you identify the channel that works the best for you and focus your primary attention on that.