Entertainment With A Purpose – The Coming Of Age

By Mahak Sharma

Bollywood, an industry loved and followed from all over the world, is flooded with talented directors who redefine Bollywood with their different views and ideologies. The present directors have been making movies based on the story line of a common man. A lot of talented directors are leaving an impact on the audience selection by their approaches and roles do not work anymore in this fast- paced world.

The difference between commercial and parallel cinema has become blurred. A director’s vision comes across the audience only if some of the segments make their presence felt in a big way. Today, Bollywood is seeing a new breed of directors who are emerging with a different type of movie every time.

With the growing population that has come of age, Indian Cinema is expanding its horizons to cater to and engage with them:: With a plethora of new budding filmmakers and producers experimenting with more realistic takes on that narrative, Indian Cinema is moving away from the traditional big-budget masala fare.

Well-made Bollywood movies are the future of India’s Film Industry: Currently, non- mainstream productions have been made parallel to commercial cinema which has both its perks as well as disadvantages.  The audience support as well as the international attention is growing rapidly for the non-mainstream cinema. From run-of-the-mill masala entertainers churned out every other day, movies are now being made keeping in mind the audience’s sensibilities and their evolving taste and expectations.

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