Eva Mendes Flaunts A New Tattoo Which Hints She May Have Married Ryan Gosling!

Eva Mendes hints that she might be married to longtime boyfriend Ryan Gosling With new tattoo photos. Eva Mendes’ latest Instagram photo reveals a clear view of her romantic tattoo.

The 48-year-old actress, who has two daughters with the ‘Barbie’ actor, Esmeralda, eight, and Amada, six, came to Instagram to show off her inking, which reads “de gosling.”

Eva, who was born in Miami to Cuban parents, maybe hint that she and Ryan have married, as married women in Hispanic tradition commonly use “de” or “of” to join their husband’s surname to their own, meaning she might now be Eva Mendes de Gosling.

The photograph depicts her gazing straight at the camera, with her arm crossed across her face, plainly exposing a new tattoo that has many speculating if she married her longtime boyfriend Ryan Gosling.

The tattoo reads “de Gosling,” which could imply that the couple is married. In Spanish, women preserve their maiden name and add their husband’s name, prefixed by a “de,” to indicate that this is their new last name. Eva Mendes de Gosling would be her marital name. She added two black heart emojis and some crossed swords to the caption.

While Mendes’ tattoo could simply be a loving tribute to her long-term spouse, sharing a photo with it front and centre seem somewhat pointed. Eva said earlier this year that she and Ryan, 42, strike a “great balance” in their marriage, with him cooking and her cleaning.

“Ryan’s the cook. He’s a fantastic cook. I think there’s a very nice balance to ‘you cook, I clean,’ and it just works for us,” she explained. “Life is a whirlwind. But the one thing I have control over is my home, specifically my kitchen. So doing the dishes is meditative for me. It is much more than just cleaning up. In terms of seeing things clearly, it helps me a lot. For me, a clean sink equals a clear mind.”

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been together since 2011 when they starred in the film “The Place Beyond the Pines” together. As a result, the couple has avoided red carpets and press events since starting their relationship.

This year, Mendes has been much more present on social media, often talking about her relationship with Gosling and how much she loves him.