‘Everyone Deserves To Mourn In Privacy’: Reem Shaikh Slams Media Over Insensitive Coverage Of Tunisha Sharma’s Funeral

Late actor Tunisha Sharma’s friend, actor Reem Sameer Shaikh posted a message which was dedicated to the media. She posted it after photos and videos of Tunisha’s mother from the late actor’s funeral were widely shared online. On Tuesday, the 20-year-old was cremated. Her mother fainted and had to be pulled out with the help of others. Dismayed by the publicity of the photos and videos, Reem pleaded for privacy for Tunisha’s family.

She said, “Today as we lost a smile, we lost someone so full of life leave us soon.” She added that it was heartbreaking to let her go. She said that the life of an actor is like an open book.

She said that while appreciating the fact that the media has always been a part of their highs and lows, everyone as a human deserves a bit of privacy while dealing with an unbearable loss.

She continued that Tunisha’s mom was grateful to the media to spread her message. But it was so disheartening to see the same media capture the mother in her worse as well as in an unconscious state who just lost her only child. Reem said that it was boiling her blood to see during the rituals. They were asked to give quotes and speak about what they felt.

She further added that it is important for them to cover the news and update the audience. But the amount of pain and grief of losing someone so close as well as so young cannot be described. Everyone deserves to mourn in privacy during such times and that personal space should be respected as well as given by the media too. She urged the media to give them privacy as well as have some sentiments towards situations like these.