Ex-Lovers Divya Agarwal And Priyank Sharma Talk About Their Failed Relationship, “It Went Ugly When…”

Popular TV reality faces and ex-partners Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma had a gala time on common friend Mohit Hiranandani’s talk show titled ‘The Mopinion Show’. In the second episode of the chat show, the host managed to bring the ex-lovers together after 5 years. He is getting much appreciation from ‘DivYank’ fans for making the two clear out their misunderstandings.

While having a raw and warm conversation on their times of ‘Splitsvilla’, Divya and Priyank also divulged on what went wrong in their relationship. Divya began by saying that she and Priyank met on a show and their love had to be timed according to it. But when they came out of it, life was suddenly slow. She felt that Priyank did not trust her enough to tell how things have been for him and before he could think about things, he was already in the Big Boss house with a new set of problems, responsibilities, and people. The Ragini MMS returns actress also said that she could not understand Priyank’s  behavior on Bigg Boss.

Priyank shared his side of story and said that though he and Divya connected well on Splitsvilla, when they came out, he realized he had some past baggage i.e. his first love. He then told Divya that he is  still not sure about this and there were trust issues too.

The Punchh Beat actor also opened up on how the simultaneous telecast of Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss increased his problems. “Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss were on at the same period. We were in contract with MTV so we could not break the news. In the Bigg Boss house, I started to feel for Benafsha. I stayed quiet there too because the two shows were on at the same time so it would have been a contradiction,” he stated.

Divya then mentioned that it went ugly when they stopped talking to each other due to ego clashes. “If the communication would not have stopped, it would have been much better for us. It got really bad, but we have come out better and stronger,” she concluded.

For the unversed, Divya and Priyank fell in love during their stint on Splitsvilla 10. Soon after, Priyank participated in Bigg Boss and started developing an intimate bond with co-contestant VJ Benafsha Soonawalla while still in relationship with Divya. During family week, Divya came inside the house and blasted Priyank for betraying him and growing close with Benafsha. She broke up with him on national television. They did not talk to each for sometime but now, both of them share cordial relations.