‘I Feel Like a Dinosaur’ Says Julia Roberts: Gives Beauty Tips for Younger Self

Seasoned actress Julia Roberts gives insights into how the film industry has changed and that she feels quite old. Also, she reveals why she held on to her principle of “no stripping” for any role in Hollywood. The 56-year-old confesses her thoughts on feminism and why she chose not to do risque roles that make her vulnerable on the screen. Roberts also gives her younger self some beauty advice.

No Criticism Towards Actress Who Shed Clothes

The “Pretty Woman” star has nothing against actors who bare it all for the sake of authenticity. However, that is not her style. “You know, not to be criticizing others’ choices, but not taking off my clothes for a movie and being vulnerable in physical ways is a choice that I make for myself,” she explained. 

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts for British Vogue
Image: Lachlan Bailey/British Vogue

Hence, Julia Roberts has purposely avoided taking any racy roles in order to have a “G-rated career.” That said, she doesn’t see it as having “any feelings of responsibility to other women” when choosing scripts. Page Six reports that in a way, she is consciously choosing not to do something instead of choosing to do it deliberately. 

Hollywood Has Changed So Much

Recently, the “Runaway Bride” actress was featured on the cover of British Vogue, and in an interview, she revealed that showbiz is “completely different” nowadays. When she began her acting career, there was no pressure to strip down for movies, a privilege that actresses of today do not have.

“I am not sure if the industry today is better, but it just seems very different,” she explained. There is too much content to consume in Hollywood, it is too cluttered, too noisy, and too many elements and outlets all around you. “It  just seems exhausting,” Julia Roberts says, “I mean, that’s when I really feel like a dinosaur, when you just look at the structure of the business.”

Image: Lachlan Bailey/British Vogue

Feminism Is in My DNA, Says Julia Roberts

Not so long ago, the “Ocean 12” and “Erin Brockovich” lead dug up her roots by researching her family tree. On Dr. Henry Gates’ show “Finding Your Roots,” she found out that she is a distant cousin of famous feminist Gloria Steinem. “Makes sense,” Julia Roberts quips, “that I would inherit her firm stance on feminism.”

Beauty Trend to Avoid: Advice to Her Younger Self

Julia has 3 children with their cinematographer husband Daniel Moder and often shares pictures of her family on social media. Even decades after her first stint, she captivates fans with her beauty. But she was too harsh on herself as a novice actor. 

Julia Roberts with Husband Daniel Moder
Julia Roberts with Husband Daniel Moder

Speaking to People, she said that she made some beauty mistakes as a 19-year-old starry-eyed beginner. One tidbit she would like to go back and offer her younger self is: “Stand up straighter. It’s all going to be okay, and don’t pluck your eyebrows.” Julia Roberts appears in her latest film “Leave the World Behind,” streaming on Netflix.