Exclusive: Rakhi Sawant’s Marriage Was A Fake Publicity Stunt, Deepak Kalal’s Slap Also Staged

When you enter the glamor world, you set your mind on one thing, either stay in the limelight or lose your identity. While many stars have been victim of the latter and have lost their complete identity because they couldn’t give all that it takes to stat popular. But one celebrity that doesn’t seem to give up on staying popular is Rakhi Sawant.

She has tried everything possible in the world to stay in the limelight and apparently it worked for her as well. From posting sultry pics on her social media to commenting unnecessarily on different issues, she has left no stone unturned to stay popular. And apparently, she has now crossed all limits. According to sources, the recent news of Rakhi Sawant getting married was nothing but a fake gimmick, a publicity stunt.

She claimed that she has married a UK based NRI Ritesh. Later she posted various pictures from what seemed like her honeymoon with vermilion on her forehead, Mangalsutra on her neck and chooda in her hands. However, it seems that everything was a publicity stunt for Rakhi.

till date she did not share a single picture of her so-called husband. If that was not enough, she recently posted a video on Instagram that showed Rakhi’s so-called sister-in-law slapping YouTuber Deepak Kalal for allegedly making abusive comments on Rakhi’s “husband”. Apparently, even that video was planned by Deepak himself in collaboration with Rakhi to gain some mileage.

While the entire marriage drama always seemed to be a publicity stunt, we are now sure that Rakhi pulled off this fake act only to stay in headlines. One source close to Rakhi told International Business Times India that the entire wedding drama is fake.

The source further said that Deepak himself planned the recent video, and gave Rs 5 lakh to Rakhi to record it in order to gain some publicity for himself too. The lady in the video is also not her sister-in-law. Interestingly, Deepak himself again posted the same video of being abused by the lady on his Instagram page, which again pretty clearly suggests that it is just another publicity gimmick by the two controversial personalities.