Reason For Alia Bhatt’s Anxiety, Actress Says It Is Her Daughter; ‘Never Easy Leaving Raha’

Recently Alia Bhatt in an an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with her Instagram followers, opened up about her mental health and dealing with separation anxiety from her daughter Raha. The actor says letting herself free works for her.

When asked by a fan ‘how do you deal with anxiety’, Alia spoke about how ‘sudden change or a situation she has no control over’ made her anxious. Alia also talked about whether getting away from daughter Raha gave her ‘separation anxiety’. She added ‘trying to control how you feel sometimes does more harm than good’.


‘Alia says, ‘I allow myself to check out’

“We all have certain things that might trigger our anxiety – for example, I find myself getting very worked up with any sudden change or a situation I have no control over… but it took me a long while to understand that… so prior to any of these moments, I just try and be aware of it and if it’s too much, I allow myself to check out and feel the way I feel,” Alia wrote.

The actor continued, “Trying to control how you feel sometimes does more harm than good. Also speak to someone who you can trust! It helps!” Alia was also asked if she ‘still feels separation anxiety’ from her and actor-husband Ranbir Kapoor’s one-year-old daughter Raha Kapoor. She responded, “It is never easy leaving her (Raha). But I guess that will take a while to change (red heart emoji). Knowing she’s with family even when I am away makes me feel less guilty somehow.”

Alia says ‘it is never easy leaving Raha’

Alia Bhatt says ‘it is never easy leaving Raha’

Another Instagram user also asked Alia, “How are you? Like genuinely? How is life treating you at this moment!” To which, Alia said, “Like genuinely? I have been a bit overwhelmed and preoccupied… but… gratitude in my heart genuinely on a daily basis.”

In an earlier ‘Ask Me Anything’ session in August, Alia had spoken about overcoming anxiety. One fan had asked at the time, “How do you overcome fear? I feel like, as an actor, you might get anxious at some point.” Alia had then said, “I think one of the most important things is, something I have noticed that always helps me is, when you are anxious, you usually try to cover it up by trying to be okay. So the most important thing is to allow yourself to feel it and go through the experience, because it is just part of the ups and downs of life.”