EXCLUSIVE!!! Taapsee Pannu Makes A Dreamy Entry For Mathias Boe At Their Hush-Hush Udaipur Wedding: Watch Viral Video Here

On social media, a wedding video featuring Taapsee Pannu and Mathias Boe has gone viral. For an extended period, Taapsee Pannu and Mathias Boe have been romantically involved. The duo aroused suspicions of a marriage earlier this year in March. Their small-scale, covert wedding in Udaipur was said to have taken place in early 2018. A video from this ceremony has become popular on social media, despite the couple’s official denials of the wedding’s announcement.

Taapsee Pannu appears in a viral video wearing a crimson bridal gown. The performer can be seen donning an elaborately embroidered anarkali. The crimson outfit had elaborate gold embroidery. She wore her kaleeras on both hands and pulled her naturally curly hair up in a bun. Boe, however, was spotted wearing a light-coloured sherwani ensemble. Watch the clip here.

Pannu is seen making a filmy entrance with her friends and loved ones. Boe is waiting for her when she gets to the stage. On stage, she may be seen dancing with Boe. Boe is seen riding a bicycle at the end of the video. On Reddit, the video was uploaded. Numerous people have liked it, and fans have bombarded the comment section with messages. A fan stated, “Chalo at least has a new look. And in red.” A second fan commented, “Happy for both of them. It’s rare that a relationship lasts this long.” A third fan wrote, “When was this? Seeing a red bridal outfit after ages… such a cute look on her. They’ve been together for a decade I think.”

Taapsee Pannu had previously praised Mathias Boe in an interview. As she put it, “I had to kiss many frogs before I reached the prince. But eventually when I grew up and when I started working, it’s been the same man and that’s because he’s a man, he’s not a boy. And that is a huge difference.”