Finally Deepika Removed Ranbir’s Tattoo From Her Neckline; Check Out The Images

In a relationship, couples enjoy the efforts made by their partners, keeping the fear of the future aside. They focus on their present and try to make each and every moment memorable, they hardly realize that one day they might not be with each other. They do everything to prove their love real. It’s true that love knows no boundaries.


Being in love, Ranbir and Deepika set new benchmarks in the relationship from changing their relationship status on social media to walking hand in hand at various events and award nights. Even after break up, they are setting milestones. Ranbir and Deepika are one of those couples who let their bygones be bygones and becoming friends with each other.



When the duo was dating each other, Deepika got tattooed the initials of Ranbir on her neck. But no matter how hard they tried, destiny decided something else for them. They parted their ways after a serious relationship. They have always been discussing their relationship as well as break up. Ranbir and Deepika never let their personal life interfere with their professional one.


Netizens were eager to know what will happen to Deepika’s RK tattoo when Deepika was seen without her tattoo after marriage. Later it was revealed that her makeup artist had hidden it with the help of a concealer.



Deepika is seen promoting her upcoming movie Chhappak in a multicolor saree but her famous RK tattoo was not visible on her neckline. Gossipers still wonder whether she has removed it permanently or it’s again a makeup trick!




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