Florence Pugh Reveals She Was Asked To Make Changes To Her Body For A Role

Florence Pugh opens up on how she was asked to amend changes to her body for a role in Hollywood during her early days. She had to lose weight and change the shape of her face to be successful in Hollywood. Pugh was horrified when the industry bosses told her to make changes to her looks when she moved to Los Angeles as a teenager.

The actress went back to England when the series was not picked up and was later cast in Lady Macbeth which got her hog the limelight.  She further added that the project, Lady Macbeth, made her fall back in love with the cinema where you could be opinionated and loud. It is pretty easy for people to push you left and right in this industry but she was lucky to discover when she was 19,  what kind of performer she wanted to be.

Florence Pugh is an American actress who made her debut in 2014 in the drama film The Falling. She followed it up with the 2018 miniseries The Little drummer which earned her an Oscar nomination. She also starred as Amy March in 2019’s  Little Women.

In 2021 the actress was featured as Yelena Belova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero film The Black Widow. She will be next seen in the Netflix film The Wonder which will be released on November 16 2022. In 2023 she will appear in the Christopher Nolan film Oppenheimer.

On the personal front, there is a conjecture that the actress broke up with her long-term beau Zack Braff. She revealed in September 2022 that she broke up with her beau a long time back.