Former Miss Barbados Alleges Miss World 2000 Was Rigged In Favour Of India, Calls Priyanka Chopra Unlikable!

Miss Barbados 2000 and current YouTuber Leilani barbados repeatedly criticized Miss India and Miss World 2000 beauty pageant winner Priyanka Chopra in the new video and the show was “manipulated” to win her.

Leilani begins the video by quoting the recent Miss USA 2022 controversy and how people have been fired and investigated, suggesting the show may have been rigged. She said the episode reminded her of her experience in the Miss World 2000 pageant. She said that Miss World 1999 is from India, and Miss World 2000 is also from India, and it all happened when Zee TV co-sponsored an event held in India that year.

She says in the video,“I actually went through the same thing at Miss World. I am Miss Barbados and the year I went, Miss India Won. For reference, Miss India was won last year (Yukta Mukhey) and is also sponsored by ZeeTV and Indian cable channels. At the top of our wings is ZeeTV followed by the name of our country. This is very familiar to me”.

She also shared details about Priyanka Chopra’s allegations of favoritism during the contest. She says Priyanka’s gowns were made better, she got food in her own room, she got big picture in the newspaper while the other girls were gathering on the beach. She also explained how Priyanka was allowed to wear a sarong during swimming competitions while others weren’t.


Leilani said, “Apparently she used some sort of firming cream to even out her skin tone and it was uneven. I’m not saying it’s a brightening cream, I’m not saying it’s a toning cream. It didn’t work and her skin was blotchy, so I didn’t put it on. So during the actual judgment ,she was actually wearing a dress,”.She also noted that she personally finds Priyanka “uncomfortable”, although she cannot blame the candidate for special treatment. “My only problem with Priyanka is that she was awkward when I met her at a beauty pageant. And she’s Meghan Markle’s best friend. So judge for yourself,” she said.

On This video of Many of Priyanka’s fans supported Her favourite actress trolling Leilani.One comment read, “It is a serious sour grapes situation crying foul now, Miss Barbados.And After that Priyanka has become one of the biggest stars/actresses in India and now she’s acting in Hollywood and this woman is doing YouTube. Guess who’s really talented.” Read another post.

Priyanka started working in Hindi films after winning the Miss World in 2000 and soon became one of the most popular stars. She is now married to an American singer Nick Jonas  and welcomed their daughter Malti Marie in 2022.