Gigi Hadid Playfully Roasts Ryan Reynolds For Sporting Her Clothing Line: ‘You Will Never Look Like…’

Gigi Hadid takes to Instagram Stories to hilariously mock Ryan Reynolds’ fashion sense, playfully suggesting that he can never rival the style icon status of his wife, Blake Lively.

Reynolds, a good sport, had shared a snapshot modelling a pink Everywear cardigan from Hadid’s brand, Guest in Residence. The post caught Hadid’s attention, prompting her witty response.


Expressing gratitude for Reynolds’ support, Hadid couldn’t resist teasing him, stating humorously, “You will never look like Blake in it … but you know this.” She further quipped about Lively’s tendency to stick to her favourite clothing pieces.


Hadid, maintaining her playful tone, tagged Lively in the post, playfully nudging her to experiment with newer styles. She even suggested a specific garment for Lively’s consideration, adding a touch of lightheartedness to the banter.

The camaraderie between Hadid, Reynolds, and Lively was on full display during a night out at Emilio’s Ballato in September 2023. Joined by celebrity friends like Taylor Swift, Zoë Kravitz, and Channing Tatum, the trio enjoyed each other’s company in a relaxed setting.

Reynolds’ Ongoing Support for GIR

Reynolds’ consistent endorsement of Hadid’s clothing line is evident through his social media posts. From donning a dark grey tweed work shirt to showcasing other pieces from the collection, Reynolds has become a prominent advocate for GIR.

In a December 2023 Instagram Stories post, Reynolds sported another ensemble from Hadid’s brand, accentuating his appreciation for her craftsmanship. His caption expressed genuine admiration for Hadid’s talent, further cementing their friendship and professional rapport.

Gigi Hadid’s Celebrity Fans: Reynolds and Cooper Show Some Love for GIR

Reynolds isn’t the only A-lister singing praises for Hadid’s clothing line. Bradley Cooper, amidst swirling romance rumours with Hadid, has been spotted flaunting various garments from her collection during their public outings.

Hadid’s ability to attract such influential figures speaks volumes about the appeal and quality of her brand. With Reynolds and Cooper among her celebrity supporters, Hadid’s fashion empire continues to thrive, one stylish endorsement at a time.

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