Green Flags To Look For In Your Potential Mr. Right

By Stuti Rastogi

If you have gone through a rough heartbreak once or twice in your love life, it is very obvious to look for the Red flags before you put yourself into the dating game again. But as they say, “What you focus on, you attract!” so don’t forget to allow space and energy to focus on the GREEN FLAGS in your dating partner. 

The following is the list of the Basic Green flags to look in your ideal partner that signifies it’s finally meant to be:

  • They love communicating with you: They want to know everything about you and show keen interest in you and are comfortable to share their feelings about their past and present life. The talks between you both flow with ease.
  • They are not control freaks: They are flexible enough to balance their urge of exercising control over you. They support your personal choices, growth and boundaries.
  • They let their guards down in front of you: The ideal partners are able to express their fears and vulnerabilities in front of you because you make them feel emotionally safe.
  • They are independent: They are financially independent and handle financial issues without losing their poise. They also maintain a good work and personal life balance and gives enough time to both.
  • They resolve conflicts like a pro: Even if you both get into a tussle, they solve it in a constructive manner and try to seek a solution maturely. 
  • They have warm relations with their family, friends and colleagues: The quality of their relationships with their friends, family and colleagues can give you some subtle insights about their true self. 
  • Practices self- care: They take good care of themselves not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. They have an optimistic outlook on life and take responsibility of their life.

Although, it’s quite difficult to find someone who possesses all these traits, this list may be a guide for you to assess your current relationships and to build healthy relationships in future.

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