Hina Khan’s Departure From YRKKH Linked To Script Conflict With Shivangi Joshi; Read Now

Rajan Shahi has again reacted to actress Hina Khan, revealing how she was removed from the show. He disclosed that Hina refused to read lines supporting Shivangi Joshi’s character, leading to a confrontation.

According to Rajan Shahi, Hina Khan began interfering with the script and refused to deliver certain lines. She skipped shooting and returned the next day to shoot the same scene under different conditions.

Hina Khan Was Terminated From YRKKH Show Due To This Reason

The director-producer Rajan Shahi has been in the news since terminating lead actors Shahzada Dhami and Pratiksha from ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.’ Recently, he detailed Hina Khan‘s termination from the show, stating that she had been associated with the show for six years and had become a household name.

Hina Khan

Hina Khan

Rajan Shahi revealed that difficulties arose in the last few months, leading to her departure from the show.

Discussing Hina Khan’s termination, Rajan Shahi explained that timing became an issue and she started interfering with the script.

He mentioned several incidents that led to tension and bitterness. After removing Hina from the show, a meeting with the channel was held, and it was decided to part ways.

Recalling an incident, Rajan Shahi mentioned, “One day, shooting was going on, and Hina did not want to deliver lines that were in support of Shivangi Joshi’s character. She interfered with the script and refused to say those lines. I told her that she had to do the scene as written, and when she didn’t comply, I told her to either shoot or leave the set.”


Rajan further explained that Hina stayed in the makeup room all day and received a message in the evening stating that her services were terminated, and she was not required to come to the set anymore.

However, she returned the next day and shot the scene as written. Rajan had already made up his mind by then, so during the packing-up time, she was informed again that she had no association with the show anymore and it wouldn’t continue in the future.

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