How To Bring Self Esteem In Your Married Life? Here Are Practical Steps That Will Help You

By Kritika Rai

In a married life the two of you should have a positive view of yourself as it also makes it easier to cultivate healthy friendship. Communication is a key which makes a strong bond more stronger. In addition communication becomes straightforward, while increasing sexual intimacy as well. Furthermore, having a positive view in yourself and also in your spouse becomes easy to cultivate friendship. Here are steps to establish self-esteem in your married life:

Express your authentic view: take time to understand your needs, wants, perspective, preference, choices and then express them in a genuine is very necessary to give your view point to yourself. Ask yourself and the near ones regarding who you are as a person and work with yourself to remove negative things. Work on yourself and understand yourself as a person. Become decisive and ask small questions like “ I feel …..”. It helps to remove arguments with your spouse. Just state your preference and leave the decision on the other side.

Own it: when you think that the decision is right as per the preference just stick to it. Listen compassionately, but stick to what is right. The decision whether good or bad takes responsibility for further views. Just own it and be confident. Remember it is not necessary to make your spouse better every time as you are together forever and there is a better next time thing too.

Who meets your needs?: remember god is there to fulfil your need so don’t put pressure on your spouse. Have one thing that you are good at but it will not solve all your marriage problems. Spend some time alone and increase your self esteem because self- worth and self-esteem is not enclosed with someone else.

The marriage hobby: try things together whether it is physical or anything which makes both of you happy and get less concerned about the world around you. Don’t impose things, be natural and you will get the thing which is mutually loveable by both of you.

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