How To Grow An Instagram Travel Account And Make Money?

Instagram is a great place to start a travel blog. People go to Instagram for more than just posting photos and liking friends. The social network has become a source of news, interesting information, and inspiration. 

According to PhocusWire, 83% of users are inspired by the visual content of travel accounts when planning a trip. Such accounts attract followers, while their photos are gaining thousands of likes and comments. Successful travel bloggers combine business with pleasure and earn good money. However, it’s not enough to take a few good shots to start your travel blog. You will have to invest in your account – spend money, devote time, look for new ideas and express emotions to attract and retain your subscribers. How exactly can you do this? Here are some great tips for growing a successful Instagram travel account:

Look for your unique style 

Every second Instagram user posts photos from his trip and can tell several travel lifehacks. However, not everyone becomes a popular travel blogger and global brand ambassador. The difference between these two categories of people is that travel bloggers have found their niche and are completely dedicated to it. You need to do the same. 

So, choose a unique style for yourself. For example, you love road trips and often rent a car for easy movement around the area. You can tell your subscribers how a large SUV for rent can make traveling through national parks easier for you. Another great idea is to record a video where you pick up a rental car and describe every step of the procedure. Surely this information will be useful for travelers, and you will receive a lot of likes and comments under such a post.

Tell stories 

According to seasoned travel bloggers, posts with a large number of related words under the photo gain more likes, views, and saves. Not surprising, since this is a great chance for subscribers to find something useful for themselves and their future trip, get a boost of motivation, or even a whole map of must-see places. 

Therefore, learn storytelling. Tell stories about how difficult it was for you to take a selfie on an iceberg and not fall into the Arctic Ocean. Also, you can share information on how to get from Los Angeles Airport to Santa Monica for cheap, and admire all the major attractions along the way. Another idea is to come up with a mini-treasure quest for those who decide to follow your route. In general, the more interesting the text idea – the more saves, and the higher you are in the smart Instagram feed.

Don’t be scared of a small budget 

It’s clear that contracts with hotels and travel agencies won’t fall on you in the first weeks of blogging. This means either you need to invest your own money and travel as much as you can afford, or limit yourself to your hometown/country and save up for a big tour. 

If you choose to be a local guide, then tell something that no one else knew about For example, you can offer a guided tour of the places that have changed the face of your city forever. Another option is to become a true local and tell the fascinating legends and myths stored in the walls of old buildings and the ancient streets. At the same time, don’t forget to set aside money for long trips to apply your ability to unearth interesting information in popular international locations.

Complement your reality 

If saving is not your main skill, don’t waste your time and master Photoshop, Snapseed, VSCO, and Facetune. With these photo-editing apps, you can teleport yourself wherever you want: either to New York or to Houston. Just do double exposures carefully so you don’t get exposed for fake shots. 

Of course, we in no way support fake trips. You should be able to use these programs if you actively travel the world as well. After all, no one knows what photos are more post-processed – the selfies of Kim Kardashian or the pictures by top travel bloggers. 

Plus, sometimes you need to add contrast to a photo to make it more expressive or tweak the vector of the wave that goes around your surfboard. Remember, if you don’t know how to use Photoshop at all, it will be much more difficult for you to become a skilled travel blogger.

Communicate with the locals 

You will have to chat with the locals to make your blog not only unique but also informative. Travel communication brings many benefits. Firstly, you will get to know the country from the inside, and this will definitely expand your consciousness. Secondly, having shown a genuine interest in a person and his country, it will be easier for you to ask him for a free night or at least dinner. Thirdly, these guys will be able to show you places that only locals know. And fourth, you can dilute your Instagram profile with beautiful portraits of people with incredible life stories.

Break the photography rules 

Architectural profiles and human portrait galleries can be amazing, but they still require a grain of talent and knowledge. Moreover, social networks are full of such photos. 

Yes, it will probably be difficult for you to find a better angle to photograph the Statue of Liberty in New York. Then why not take a photo of its water reflection? For example, you can use mirrors to photograph urban and natural beauty in reflection or shoot through the water to create distorted volume.

If you’re not very good at photography but talented at drawing, use that to your advantage too. You can shift your focus away from the tourist attractions and show your travel sketches against an inspiring backdrop. Another great idea is to paint directly on the photo. In short, everything depends only on your imagination.

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