How To Locate Your Order With A Parcel Tracker

Locate your order with a parcel tracker

Not knowing the location of your parcel can be very frustrating. This can cause anxiety, especially if the courier company cannot provide you with information. You need to use a reliable shipping company that respects delays and ensures the safety of your package. To keep your mind at peace, a lot of tracking services provide their users with live updates about the location of the package, like the 4px tracking service, that allows you to follow on every order from 4px Express but also any other post worldwide. Tracking a package is completely free.

To know the location of your parcel, you need to use the tracking number on the courier company’s website. Nevertheless, to learn more about how to locate your parcel from the shipping company read this piece.

How to locate your parcel with little hassle?

Every parcel has a tracking number. More so, the tracking number is unique and offers you details about the package, including its location. To discover the current position of your parcel, do the following:

Courier Company

The courier company generates a tracking number for all the packages that customers bring for shipping. The tracking number contains all the details of your package, including the location. To find out the location of your package, you must use the correct tracking on their website. All you have to do is insert the tracking number in the search bar on the shipping company’s website. Click the “Enter” tab to proceed with the search. Usually, the search result pops up in less than ten minutes.

Third-party tracking website

Have you heard of third-party tracking websites? A third-party website is a platform that provides customers with accurate information and the location of their parcels. In the past, the only way to know the location of your parcel was to visit the courier’s website. 

Most third-party tracking websites offer free services. The tracking process is similar to the courier website. To get accurate information from the third-party website, you need to use the tracking number. A good third-party website you can use is Ordertracker, 4px or China Post Tracking. With this tracking website, you can get detailed information about your package. Also, they partner with more than 500 courier companies around the world. 

Email Address

Modern courier websites offer more modern ways to track your parcel. For instance, you can use your email to track the location of the parcel. To provide updates, a lot of courier companies request that their customers submit a valid email address. You will receive prompt and accurate updates on your parcel locations. This is suitable for business people who don’t often have the time to visit the courier website to track their parcels. Therefore, while filling out the courier company’s form, make sure the email address is correct.

How to safeguard your parcel in transit 

One way to keep your parcel safe is to provide firm packaging. Make sure that you properly package your property to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged in transit or gets stolen after the delivery. Interestingly, you can pay a little token for the parcel to be properly packaged.

Parcel tracking services can always help 

Even if most of the ecommerce sites are not providing the complete tracking information, you can take that data from package tracking sites, if you have the tracking number, you are eligible to find out about the exact current location of your parcel.
These tracking numbers are most of the times sent by the shop via email, if you don’t have it, you will have to request it from the store.

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