How to maintain balance between work life and personal life

By Shri

Today’s working woman needs to manage her time, her working schedule, different responsibilities and house budget. From small cities to metro cities, the woman of 21st century is extremely confident and brilliant in balancing her life between work and home. Woman is reaching new highs in every field. Today, the woman is working at the senior most position in a private or government firm and she is also taking care of her family. Woman is very much efficient in striking a balance between work and family. However, the woman will require energy, enthusiasm, quest, good health and strong determination to fulfil her dual responsibilities. Here are some tips for the women on how to strike a balance between work life and personal life.

1) Woman needs to remain healthy in order to perform her dual responsibilities at work place and at home. Therefore, it is essential to take a balanced and nutritious diet on a regular basis.

2) Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. Do yoga or meditation or any other mind and body relaxing activities which can relieve your stress. This will improve your concentration.

3) Prepare a framework for your daily household work and your office work. Such framework will give you an estimate of the time required to complete your work and accordingly you can decide your schedule.

4) Organize your office work and personal work so that it doesn’t become a mental burden for you. Proper planning will help you to complete your work before time.

5) Time management is a very important aspect in balancing your work. Plan your time on the basis of your office routine and how much time you will need to complete your routine household work like preparing breakfast and meals for your family.

6) Prioritise your work as it will be difficult for you to do more than one task at the same time. This will ease down your work burden.

7) Try to become flexible for sudden change in your personal life or work life. Every day may not be the same and sometimes the things may go wrong so accept the changes. Be mentally prepare for sudden coincided changes so that you can do enough justice with your dual responsibilities.

8) Maintain a cordial relationship with your colleagues. Share the household tasks and responsibilities with your husband, children and other family members. Involve your children and your husband in some easy cooking and cleaning activities.

9) Prepare a monthly financial budget of your family. It will give you an appropriate idea about your total expenses, total income and savings. The household financial budget will ease of your money related concerns and problems. Furthermore, it will also increase your confidence.

10) Try new age technologies such as online banking, online shopping, online bill payment to save your time. You can pay your various bills using your ATM card or debit card through your computer and mobile phone.






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