Hong Kong is a dream travel destination for many of us. Some travelers are enticed by the bright lights of the big city, others want to experience the rich food culture here, some long for the awe-inspiring events that fill the Chinese calendar. Whichever of these groups you fit into, a weekend in Hong Kong is an experience that should be savored. Here are some of the best ways to spend those precious days in this vibrant city.

Dragon Boat Racing
If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Hong Kong during the Tuen Ng Festival, a one-day public holiday where Dragon Boats are the main part of the occasion, then make a beeline for the waterfront. Teams of between thirty and sixty people paddle an enormous wooden boat, painted like a dragon, down the river. A drummer stands at the bow of the boat and keeps the rowers in rythmn, hoping to be the first boat to cross the finish line. The beat of the drums, the buzz of the crowd and the overwhelming spectacle of colourful dragons propelling themselves across the water is a sight that is hard to forget.

The boats themselves are absolutely beautiful and a joy to watch, but if you enjoy nothing more than having a bet on sporting events then you’re in luck. When traveling it can be tricky to ensure you’re getting the best odds, but AsiaBet provides sports betting information for a huge range of Asian countries, including China. You can be guaranteed to find the best odds on Dragon Boat racing at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, so you can feel properly involved as you cheer your team to, hopefully, victory.

Enjoy Fantasy Dining at Duddell’s
It’s almost impossible to find a bad meal in Hong Kong. Night markets and hawkers serve up food that’s incredibly delicious and just a few cents a piece. So, if the budget is tight, then making the most of the cheaper options could be a great place to start. One of the simplest ways to ensure you always eat well is to look out for lines at street food stands, people in Hong Kong are more than happy to queue for great food, and so should you be. Of course, if you’re after the full wine and dine experience, then you’re in the right place too, with more than sixty Michelin starred restaurants, there’s some extra special food to be enjoyed here. 

One place that is a must for lovers of creative cookery is Duddell’s. This incredible restaurant offers dim sum that creates food that is so beautiful, it could easily be described as art. White pillowy buns filled with charred, juicy, barbecued pork are absolutely to die for. Cute little balls of dangerously hot dumplings are served in steaming bamboo baskets. Little mouthfuls of pork are delicately deep fried in truffle oil and served with tiny termite mushrooms. Puffs of abalone are light enough to melt in the mouth. Duddell’s is not cheap, but the sheer magic of the food here is worth every penny.

Conquer Victoria Peak
There are two ways to go about this, the easy way and the hard, but perhaps ultimately more rewarding way. Victoria Peak is a mountain that overlooks Hong Kong. The views from the top are genuinely breath-taking and plenty of tourists agree. Thanks to the beautiful views there are plenty of ‘cheat’ ways to get to the top. You can take a cab, a bus, or catch the Peak Tram. The Peak Tram is certainly the most fun out of these two options and is really affordable. There are often long queues for the Tram but you can pay a little extra and skip them.

The other way of getting to enjoy the view from Victoria Peak is by, you guessed it, walking there. The Morning Trail is a beautiful hiking route which will take you right to the very top. Although anybody determined enough could make it safely, there’s no climbing or scrambling involved, it is recommended for people of a reasonable level of fitness. The inclines are quite steep in places. Be sure to start in the cool of the morning and you’ll be enjoying the views before you know it. Treat yourself to a tram ride back down, you’ve earned it!