Hrithik Roshan Tries To Pose With Food Delivery Man, Bodyguard Pushes Fan Away: Watch video

Hrithik Roshan dined with his ex-wife Sussanne Khan and her boyfriend Arslan Goni. On Instagram, a paparazzo user posted a video of Hrithik exiting a restaurant in Mumbai. The actor wore a black T-shirt, blue denims, a cap and black trainers.

Hrithik Roshan’s Bodyguard pushes fan away for taking selfie

Hrithik walks to his car and waits for the others to come to him. He also shrugged off questions to sussane and other about delays. Someone asked for a photo of Hrithik but the actor politely declined. When the delivery person tried to take a selfie with the actor, the actor leaned towards him for giving pose. However, his bodyguard pushed the man away. Hrithik was then seen nodding.

Hrithik Roshan Dinner with Sussane And Arslan khan

A few minutes later, Suzanne Khan’s brother Zayed Khan came out of the restaurant and approached Hrithik. Arslan and Sussan followed him. Susan and Arslan are dressed in black for a walk. Susanna chose a chic black top and khaki pants, while Arslan wore a black shirt and jeans. The youngest son of Hrithik and Suzanne Ridan also appears in the clip.

Hrithik Roshan – Sussane khan’s marriage

Hrithik and Sussane got married in a private ceremony in Bangalore in December 2000. Although They welcomed Rehan in 2006, Ridan was born in 2008. Suzanne and Hrithik separated in December 2013 and their divorce was finalized in November 2014. Hrithik is currently dating singer and actor Saba Azad.

Hrithik Roshan With Saba azad

Hrithik was recently spotted with Saba at a restaurant in Mumbai. Two actors in black suits are twins. Hrithik opted for a black t-shirt and shirt while Saba wore a black sleeveless dress. Hrithik greeted the paparazzi before heading to the car. Hrithik and Saba have been making public appearances together for the past years.


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