Huma Qureshi’s Weight Gain Sparks Pregnancy Rumors; Netizen Says: ‘Shaadi Se Pehle Pregnant’

Huma Qureshi is popularly known for portraying strong women characters and have always been trolled for being a little overweight. She gained weight for a project that was released few months back, and since than she never thought of losing it. Huma has always been confident and comfortable in her natural body and never paid attention to hardcore weight loss. She was recently spotted at an event looking like a pregnant lady which instantly caught netizens attention.

It was not the weight gain that caught audience’s attention but the fact that Huma’s belly fat was excessively visible, appearing like a pregnant belly. Huma was captured wearing a purple saree with small off-shoulder blouse that caught focus on stomach area. She was continuously putting hand on her belly just like a pregnant mother does, sparking out pregnancy rumors all over.

On the viral video, people slammed Huma, making fun of her body and called her pregnant. A netizen commented “lagta hai yeh bhi shaadi se pehle pregnant hai”. Majority of the people were seen commenting about Huma being pregnant whereas others were seen body shaming her.

Film industry is all about glamour, beauty and stardom. If you have a well-toned body you are accepted here with open arms. There were times when actresses used to fetch roles based on how slim and well-toned their body is. With time, we can say that things have changed a bit with emergence and demand of female oriented characters, but makers and audience somewhere still prefer slim females over healthy ones.