“I Was Not Born Beautiful, I Have Worked On Myself”, Says Nia Sharma On Styling Herself!!

Nia Sharma is a well-known name in the world of TV. These days Nia is seen in the dance reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 10’. She is also often in discussions about her looks. Nia is very active on social media and is often seen sharing her bold and glamorous pictures with fans. People also openly praise the beauty of their favorite actress. Today, even though Nia Sharma is known as a fashion icon, but, there was a time when Nia Sharma did not have any understanding of make-up. Many times she used to cry a lot after spoiling her makeup. Nia herself has said this during a conversation.

Nia Sharma recently said during a conversation that she has worked hard for what she is today. She kept a special focus on her grooming. Nia said that she was not born beautiful. She has had to work hard on herself to understand the beauty and make-up aspects. During the conversation, Nia said, ‘I am not showing much decency. This is the truth. I am that girl who didn’t know anything about makeup. When I entered the industry, I saw that people used to do anything in the name of makeup on my face and I could not do anything. I used to cry a lot that why am I looking like this.’

Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma says that she learned to do makeup with the help of YouTube. According to Nia, ‘I used to watch makeup videos on YouTube and learn from them. I then started doing my own make-up for the events, until stylists and different teams came to me. Then later I started getting makeup staff. Today people message me and say that they want to do my makeup. I can’t tell the joy it gives me’.

Nia Sharma

During the conversation, Nia also thanked those who joined her. Nia says that she goes out everyday to groom herself. The actress said, ‘My career journey has been very difficult and different. It is very important to look good. When I was faced with this reality, I worked a lot on myself. I spend every day of my life grooming myself. I was not born beautiful, I have worked on myself.’

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